Kualoa Life trivia – 1

Kualoa Life trivia – 1

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Question #1: In Hawaiian culture, what is meant by the term “Third Eye”? For example my mother said my child has a “third eye”

“Third eye” is an expression that Hawaiian elders used to signify that your child has a gift, the gift of vision. This gift of vision means that the child has the ability of seeing things that most individuals aren’t able to see such as spirits and things from beyond our realm. Most importantly, the child needs to be trained on how to handle, interpret and protect his/herself from this added ability. You should seek guidance from the family member who has prophesized and recognized this gift within this child. This can be good thing and it can be difficult, start preparing the child at an early age.

Question #2: Kuahiwi, my mother in law also said that my child can teleport,” what does she mean by that?

“Teleport” is an out of body experience. It is NOT like the X-men movies where people actually walk through wall or shift to and fro from buildings. The Hawaiian mindset of “teleport” is when your spirit leaves your body when dreaming. In the dream the individual experiences different things and different places. This ability to “teleport” is called Moe `Uhane in Hawaiian. Pele, the volcano goddess has many moe `uhane experiences in our Hawaiian mo`olelo. Probably the most significant moe `uhane example is when Pele (in a deep sleep at Kīlauea) has a love affair with Lohi`auipo in Kaua`i. When she suddenly awakes (at Kīlauea), she sends her sister Hi`iaka and Wahine`oma`o to bring Lohi`auipo (in Kaua`i) to her. Hawaiians believe that our moe `uhane finishes some of our kuleana even when we are asleep. We all experience this, some more than others. Some travel farther, some don’t. Sometimes we try to wake these individuals up and their moe `uhane (ghost) isn’t nearby, so these individuals have a harder time to wake up. Wake them gently and not abruptly, the moe `uhane needs to return gently. Grouchy behavior, being incoherent and sluggish means your moe `uhane didn’t adjust to the body being suddenly awaken. This doesn’t apply to those who don’t get enough sleep or stay up too late. Remember, your moe `uhane has kuleana to fulfill when you sleep, it needs time too.