Stewardship Bulletin – January 2020

Stewardship Bulletin – January 2020

Cows in valley

The reputation of Kualoa Ranch is well established. It is a tourist destination, a Hollywood hotspot, a haven for horse lovers yearning for their first ride. But we’re so much more. Our hope with these stewardship bulletins is to communicate the amazing efforts and endeavors the Ranch takes in order to proudly wear the title of Private Nature Reserve. The response to our first bulletin was overwhelming. Repeatedly, the stewardship staff and management were approached by coworkers exclaiming how they were proud to be working for a company that matched their personal values of kuleana.

This makes all of us so proud. Sometimes the stewardship effort is unsung; slipping down steep slopes to sow seeds from an endemic plant or accepting agonizing ant bites to rid our beloved place from the newest invasive species. We all love our jobs, it isn’t just what we do, it is how we live. And it gives us no greater pleasure than to share our passion with you

2019 Annual Accomplishments

Look at some of our highlights from this last year…

Created new lo’i & increased kalo production at Punawai Kalo; removed invasive species, outplanted native plants & improved existing terraces

Collected seeds & inventoried native species from across the Ranch to help propagate and protect for future restoration efforts

Planted native plants and conducted alien species removal within our endangered Cyanea

truncata fence enclosure helping to protect this valuable and incredibly endangered native species

Collaborated with Kualoa’s Construction department & a contractor to complete a ‘loop’ trail to ‘Saddle Lookout’

Killed 450+ Albizia trees of all different sizes! We have almost completely eradicated mature trees on the Ranch and will continue to eradicate this invasive species

Partnered with community organizations to combat invasive species and manage unwanted pests while providing on-the-ground lessons in invasive species management

We are incredibly lucky here to have thousands of acres of undeveloped land, home to hundreds (if not thousands) of native species of plants and animals (insects too!) Each quarter we hope to highlight a species or two here in our native species corner.

Named for its silvery/gray leaves, hinahina (Artemisia australis) is an endemic* plant that prefers windward facing exposed cliff habitats. One place this herb thrives is on the cliffs that surround Battery Cooper Bunker as it is able to withstand heat, salt spray, wind and drought. Hundreds of thousands of visitors and ranch staff have likely driven by this lacy but hearty plant without notice! This season, hinahina can be observed flowering and developing small fruit.

*Endemic species are native plants and animals that are found only in Hawai’i. An ancestor species arrived in Hawai’i millions of years ago, and adapting to its new environment over time, that plant or animal evolved into a completely new species. Some species are endemic to specific Hawaiian islands or even mountain ranges

Abundant flowers hang from the hinahina at this time of year. Stewardship staff will collect ripe fruit as it matures to ensure the persistence of this species on the ranch through seed collection and future outplantings on the ranch

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