Locally-Grown, Responsibly Raised Food for Hawai'i

What is KualoaGrown?

Kualoa Ranch is a 3,800 acre private nature reserve located on the windward coast of O’ahu. It is also a working cattle ranch, farm, as well as a popular tourist attraction and filming location comprised of three valleys-Hakipu’u, Kualoa, and Ka’a’awa, all of which is home to our KualoaGrown agricultural efforts.

KualoaGrown is the brand of Kualoa Ranch’s diversified agricultural operation. Our team of 45 staff grow, cultivate, and raise food for Hawai’i and its visitors. This includes 60 different crops, a variety of tropical flowers, and the production of five types of proteins (beef, pork, shrimp, oysters, and tilapia), making us one of the most diverse farming operations in the country.

We take immense pride in everything we produce while supporting the local community with high-quality, responsibly-raised food. In addition to cultivating great products, our agricultural efforts also aid in Hawaii’s island food security with 100% of our harvest being consumed locally, helping to support a healthy food system and island community.

Learn more below about our products, the KualoaGrown Market, and the team who helps bring KualoaGrown to life.

What does KualoaGrown grow?

Grass-Fed Beef

100% grass-fed beef at Kualoa Ranch

Our cattle graze freely on over 1,500 acres of beautiful pasture land, raised in a low-stress environment, free from any added steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. All of our beef is processed entirely on O’ahu so your beef stays fresh from our pastures to your plate.


One-of-a-kind oysters

Our aquaculture operation is truly one-of-a-kind here in Hawai’i. We sustainably raise oysters in our Native Hawaiian fishpond in pristine, nutrient-rich Hawaiian waters. KualoaGrown is the only commercial oyster operation in the Islands and once our oysters are harvested, they are filtered with clean freshwater that gives them a crisp taste and firm texture.

Fruits & Vegetables

60 various fruit & vegetable crops

With growing 60 different crops at our three agricultural sites, we can guarantee that something is always in season! Our orchards are home to some of our more popular fruits including papaya, apple banana, lilikoi, guava, dragonfruit, ‘ulu, and more!  Our Pahalona agricultural center is home to our vegetable gardens including (but not limited to) eggplant, leafy greens, root vegetables, and herbs.

Value-Added Products

A variety of value-added products

Our KualoaGrown line also features a variety of value-added products, taking our fresh harvests and transforming them into new, delicious products. Our most popular product is our chocolate! All of our cacao is grown here in our verdant valleys and processed locally, blending into a true 100% single origin chocolate bar with a unique and rich flavor.


Sustainably-raised shrimp

KualoaGrown sustainably raises Pacific White Shrimp in our earthen ponds in pristine, nutrient-rich Hawaiian water. We are one of the few commercial shrimp operations on O’ahu and offer fresh and frozen shrimp options catering to all palates.

Local Pork

Lean mean protein

Our Heritage and Yorkshire bred pigs are raised in a deep-liter piggery which allows them to grow up in a natural and healthy environment. Our piggery has also allowed us to “close the loop” on food waste produced from our restaurant and agricultural sites. Kitchen trimmings, select forages, along with fruits & vegetables that are not market grade are used to supplement daily feedings of grain. We have pork cuts available along with a variety of sausages.

Where can I get KualoaGrown products?

Our KualoaGrown products are available at our KualoaGrown market located at Kualoa Ranch
(49-560 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI 96744).

We are currently open Thursdays-Sundays from 10AM-5PM and are located in the “Ranch House” building (see map to the right). We are open to the public and free parking is available.

Our market operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. At this time we do not take pre-orders or provide shipping. Instead we encourage you to come visit us at the Ranch!

If you have any questions about the market or KualoaGrown, feel free to email: kualoagrown AT kualoa.com.

Life at KualoaGrown

KualoaGrown would not be possible without the amazing staff who help bring KualoaGrown to life. Check out the photos for some “behind-the-scenes” moments of our staff helping to grow, raise, and cultivate local food. See what a “day in the life” of KualoaGrown entails…

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