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    Koa Tree Planting

Koa Tree Planting at Kualoa

This 3 hour UTV ride along tour will take you through the land stewardship divisions of the ranch property where you can get up close and intimate with our Native Hawaiian plant restoration sites. Not only will you get to visit these sites, but you will also be able to contribute to revitalizing our Hawaiian forests by planting a vital native canopy tree; the native Koa. We will allocate one koa tree per party.

In Hawaiʻi, the iconic koa wood was prized not just for its natural beauty but also its functionality. Traditionally, the Hawaiian people used this wood to hand-carve many things from ʻūmeke (calabashes) to waʻa (canoes) and mea kaua (weapons). There is an ʻōlelo noʻeau, or Hawaiian proverb that says “koa ke koa”, warrior-like is the koa tree and koa-like is the warrior. This proverb was said to describe a warrior of great strength. It also highlights the strength of this tree and speaks to the koa’s ability to persist in the native forest through rough weather protecting the undergrowth that lives below. Today as the native canopy tree has grown in popularity and monetary value, we at Kualoa have commited to sustaining this resource for the rest of our Hawaiian forest to thrive in the future.

The tree planting activities offered at Kualoa Ranch allows guest the opportunity to participate in a conservation practice known as silvopasture, a unique and environmentally sustainable marriage of native hardwood forestry and local grass-fed beef production. Koa Trees are planted withing a pasture that is also utilized by Kualoa for their local grass-fed beef program which enriches the environment on multiple levels including:

  • Increasing biodiversity utilizing native species
  • Producing a sustainable forestry management system within a local food production area
  • Improved overall ecological footprint
  • Implementation of proven resource conservation management practice

    • Get ready to have fun and get your hands DIRTY! Tours go out rain or shine, so we recommend checking the weather and bringing a change of clothes if necessary.
    • Minimum rider age is 5 years old.
    • We suggest wearing appropriate clothing, footwear and bringing sunglasses.
    • Advanced reservations are recommended as tours may sell out.

Koa Tree Planting at Kualoa

3-Hour Tour – Adult $249.95 & Child (5-12) $169.95

3-hour eco-adventure cultural learning experience in a spectacular natural old Hawaiian ahupuaʻa (land division).

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