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Raptor Adventure at Kualoa

Kualoa’s  multi-passenger Raptor vehicles are a great way to see Kualoa up close and personal! On this guided tour you will drive your own vehicle for the tour, and guests from different parties are not mixed on the same vehicle. Guests may swap out driving duties mid-tour, and each Raptor can hold between 2 to 6 people, as there are 6 seat belts in each vehicle.  You will have your own Raptor to drive on trails deep into the scenic valleys and to remote areas rarely visited by others.    Our tours go out rain or shine – rambling through the mud and crossing seasonal streams are part of the fun! We’ve counted up to 29 waterfalls in our Jurassic Valley when the rain is falling hard.  The one hour tour will take you over a saddle trail to visit movie sites located on our beautiful 1,000-acre Kaʻaʻawa “Jurassic” Valley. See where over 200 Hollywood Movie’s and TV shows have been filmed over the past 75 years … including the new Finding ‘Ohana blockbuster by Netflix!  Minimum age is 5 years. Minimum driver age is 21. Note: There are 6 (six) seat belts per vehicle and you can have anywhere from 2-6 guests per vehicle depending on ages and guest size.  Check out all of the rave reviews on Trip Advisor or Yelp to see why this is Kualoaʻs newest and most popular tour. You’ll love the Raptor vehicles as you can take photos and talk with your ‘ohana and friends while on tour and enjoy the experience together!

NOTE: Minimum Driver age is 21 years. Drivers must have a valid drivers license and may be liable for any damages to the Raptors if damage is caused by negligence or recklessness. A liability waiver must be signed by all guests prior to departing on the tour.

TIP: Tours can be dusty or muddy (depending on the weather) and you’ll be in an open-air vehicle so you may get dirty! Wear comfortable clothing, bring some sunglasses, and don’t forget your camera. Due to the popularity of this tour, advanced reservations are recommended as it usually sells out 4-5 weeks in advance. Kualoa prides itself on providing the best guest experience. This contributes to very limited availability, so please accept our apologies if the tour you want is not available. 

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ATV Raptor Tours

ATV Raptors (Multi-Passenger ATVs

1-Hour Raptor Tour – Adult $89.95 & Child (5-12) $49.95

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Minimum 2 participants when booking

Pricing per adult. Rates subject to 4.712% tax.


Minimum driver age of 21 (drivers may swap out mid-tour)
Minimum rider age of 5 years
Maximum of 6 people per vehicle *(Note: We recommend 5 adults per vehicle for comfort.)

Drivers must attend safety briefing
Driver Signed Liability Waiver required
Sunscreen highly encouraged

NOTE: Minimum Driver age is 21 years. Drivers must have a valid drivers license and may be liable for any damages to the ATV Raptors if damage is caused by negligence or recklessness. A liability waiver must be signed by all guests prior to departing on the tour.

  • My son and I have traveled all over the world. He’s only 7 but I know this is an experience he will never forget. He LOVES Jurassic Park. LOVES. If your child loves these movies this is the best place in the world to take them! As an adult who just likes (lol) the movies, I was still left speechless. We did the one hour UTV tour. It was long enough to not wear us out but still feel like we had saw everything on his wishlist (all the Jurassic movie sets etc.). Now, let’s talk about the staff. Hawaii is a beautiful place and you obviously come for the scenery. But the PEOPLE are really what makes visiting this place priceless. The ladies in the ticket office are so kind and beyond accommodating. Everyone there knows what a precious experience this is and is committed to helping you having an amazing experience that you and your family will cherish. I can’t express enough how much I loved my time there. I can’t wait to come back.

    Ashley O.

  • WOW BABY!!! What a great experience, our family enjoyed every second of our visit at the ranch. Once you get out of your car and walk up the stairs into the gift shop, you’re smacked with tall lush green mountain, and the experience begins. This place is gorgeous and the experience is exceptional. Location-it’s on the windward side of Oahu, which in my opinion is the better side. This probably has the prettiest most picturesque views in all of Oahu. They have tall mountains, deep valleys, and spectacular Hollywood scenes. Experience-5+ stars!! We loved the Raptor Tour experience. We were a group of 5 and this worked out perfect for us. The tour is just over 2 hours and worth every penny. You go through several Hollywood movie scenes and you feel the scene come to life while your there. The tour guide, don’t remember his name, but looks just like Maui, was fantastic!! He gave us great insight on the property, history, and movies scenes during our tour. He was just great. I would highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed.

    German R.

  • S T U N N I N G. We did the UTV/ATV 2 hour tour, and it was perfect for our group. You get to drive yourself, and there’s room to bring a small back or change of shoes (in case you get a little muddy!) The views were unreal, so open and green. The staff was all friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    Claire E.

  • We did a 2 hour raptor atv tour it was so much fun! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone visiting the island for the first time. You get some amazing views you won’t get anywhere else as well as seeing the places some of your favorite movies were filmed. Such a cool experience!

    Katie P.

  • We absolutely loved our experience at Kualoa Ranch. It’s lush, beautiful, and SO MUCH FUN! We were gifted a 2-hour ATV Raptor tour. Prices range from $80-100 pp and I would say it’s absolutely worth it. A UTV is a multi-person ATV that can fit up to 4 people. I like this better than the ATVs because Chris and I were able to take turns driving and taking pictures/enjoying the views. We also stopped throughout the ranch to see movie sets. I loved seeing the set for 50 first dates and of course Jurassic World. 1 hour is not enough-highly recommend booking the full 2 hours.

    Elysse P.

  • “This is the definition of fun!” “20 out of 10”. Those two quotes from the gang of 10 year old boys we took on a ATV Raptor Tour for my son’s birthday. The UTVs drive SO well over the uneven terrain and are a blast. Our tour driver Sara(a.k.a. Vandy) was amazing. We stopped at some movie sites and vistas where she’d give us a background of the movie, or talk about the history of the valley. Even in rainy weather the tour was a blast – maybe even better because we saw many waterfalls in the valley and got to ramble through huge puddles. It was a truly great time had by all!

    Julia L.

  • Kualoa ranch is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! All staff were helpful and polite. We did the 2.5 hour exclusive ATV Raptor with lunch included. My second time there but hubby’s first time. We did this for his birthday on March 10. And he completely love it. I could do this again and again! Our tour guide was awesome his attitude was on point. Will definitely be returning. I highly recommend kualoa ranch to everyone that travels to Oahu, this is a must. If you don’t you’ve missed out.

    Nicole B.

  • Don’t miss this excursion. We booked a day excursion that included driving UTVs, a jungle tour and a boat ride. The UTV tour was so majestic that I cried. Our UTV guide, Johnny, was phenomenal. He took videos and pictures that made it look like we were being attacked by T-Rex. Dee, our jungle tour guide was one of the happiest and funniest guides. The hike and the views on the jungle tour were great. The kids loved the boat ride best. The lunch was also delicious.

    Shannon Y.

  • We did the 2 HR ATV Raptor with Isaac as our tour guide. We were a family of 5 in 1 vehicle. We had more than enough room for all of us. It was so beautiful!!! We got to visit lots of spots and take pictures. Our guide Isaac was THE BEST GUIDE EVER!!!!! No joke this guy knows how to run a tour! We plan to go back in a couple years just to do another one with him.

    Jamie B.

  • Great Experience on our ATV- Raptor Tour from the Amazing Island Views to Movie filming sights. Our guides made it a truly awesome time and I can’t leave out their Aloha Spirit to match. Thank You for going out of your way to making our Day.

    Bryant L.

  • This was the 3rd time we have gone to the Kualoa Ranch. We did the 2hr UTV tour this time and our guide was Sarah. All I can say is wow! We have done the ATV’s and horseback tours and this was by far our favorite. Our guide Sarah was AWESOME! as all of our guides have been, but she seemed to make it a little extra special somehow. Maybe it was just the way she made you feel like Ohana. The views on this tour are breathtaking to say the least. We didn’t get very wet or dirty as you are pretty protected in the UTV, although if you jam through a stream you can get pretty wet! For those of you fearful of a rough ride, it was actually really smooth. There are a few spots that got a little jumpy but driving a little slower would have smoothed those out fairly well, but i like to drive fast and the bumps and rocks were really not that bad. Do yourselves a favor and take one of the awesome tours at the ranch! My family and i will undoubtedly be back for a 4th time next time we are on Oahu!

    John R.

  • We did the 8:30 am UTV 2 hour tour. So awesome! Our guide made the tour great. He was the photographer and videographer and that was totally unexpected. We have great pics/vids to thank him for. Please tip your guide. It’s hot yet he still had humor and was very informative regarding the movie locations. This is a must do tour. It’s was my husband, 5 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Very kid friendly. The ranch is beautiful and on the tour you see some ocean views. Expect to get dirty on your face. Wear sunglasses to lessen the dust from the UTV in front of you. Most of all you will have fun and have a lot of memories!

    Jane I.

  • We did the 2 hour UTV tour. Amazing views, fun muddy streams which you could choose to splash through or go slow and stay clean. My husband loved driving off road and my kids 6 and 8 and I had a blast riding along. Our tour guide took some amazing photos and hilarious video of my family. Can’t remember his name but he was fabulous. Definitely worth the money

    Kellie S.

  • This by far is one of the coolest things to do on the island! We did the 2 hour UTV tour and it is worth every penny! Tour guide was amazing! I forgot his name though but he was so knowledgable of the island and made it fun and entertaining throughout the whole tour! He took pictures for us and made it memorable! The tour itself is a tour of the ranch, it is just so beautiful and there are no pictures that can justify its beauty. You see areas where movies have been filmed and even stop by a jurassic park exhibit. Honestly, this was awesome, wish i booked an earlier one though because the transportation was really early and had to kill two hours with no other tours available. Thats my fault for not booking in advance for other tours. Make sure you do a 2 hour because im pretty sure a one hour one just would seem too short of a time.

    John L.

  • This place is beautiful! Such a calm and great site to see. We did the 1 hour UTV (not long enough) and was able to stop by a few film locations. Our “tour guide” was amazing, very funny and energetic. We are so happy we attended the ranch and will definitely do so again to try out the other adventures. 

    Brandi D.

  • UTV Tour with Austin

    “Thanks Austyn for an incredible tour with fun facts and some photography tips and tricks to boot! Watch out for T-Rex!!”


  • Worth it Recently visited the Kualoa Ranch with my mum and brother – we did the Jurassic Jungle Expedition Tour, UTV Tour and the Ocean Voyage adventure. Each group is given a schedule with all your activities listed to follow which I thought was pretty cool because you know where you had to be at a certain time and where. We enjoyed every single tour and learnt so much. Would like to give a shout to Claude – our guide during the Jungle Expedition – we learnt so much and had fun during the ride. Thank you all the working who were friendly and helpful!


  • Family fun had by all!
    I coordinated the two hour raptor trip for my family of 9. From the grandparents all the way down to my six year old, we all had the best experience! My kids loved the movie sets and props while the adults took in every ounce of the beautiful scenery. I would highly recommend this trip! Our tour guide Lani was amazing as well!


  • UTV Tour!! Is Excellent
    Took the 2-hour UTV tour and had a blast was great fun to drive around in the off road buggy’s. Tour guide was great fun and very happy to help you get the most out of your experience. Don’t forget the natural beauty of the place while you’re enjoying reminiscing about the movie that were shot here. -Helmets/ rain ponchos / safety glasses available (no charge) -Buggy’s are auto no manual and very easy to drive. -Speed is limited to 15mph or 25kmh


  • We took the UTV tour and were amazed by this place!!! Worth every single cent. Kualoa Ranch is breathtaking. Simply unlike anything I’ve seen. Pick the tour that’s right for you and book!

    Amber E.

  • Kualoa Ranch a Must-See!
    This was my second trip to Hawaii. On my first six years ago, my daughter and I took the two hour ATV ride, and had the best time. There is so much beauty you miss by bus. I was greatly disappointed to learn that they were phasing this out before mine and my husband’s 40th anniversary trip, but we were told the Kawasaki Raptor ride is just as fun. We booked it and it WAS great! You are taken around the ranch, see beautiful vistas of the Pacific and iconic Chinaman’s Hat, tour through a bunker cut through one of the mountains that our guys used to watch for enemy air and water craft in WWII, and you also ride by a couple of pill boxes from the war. Many people love seeing the areas used for filming of various movies and TV shows, such as the Jurassic Park films, Windtalkers, Magnum, PI, etc. But all of it is just gorgeous. Mountains, blue sky, greenery, and blue water – nature puts on quite a show here! There is also a little restaurant that makes a killer chili dog – knife and fork required, and crispy fries. Cute little gift shop, and they even sell beef from their own cattle that you will see sprinkled among the many acres of property at free range. This is a fine way to spend your day. Be aware that after a Raptor ride, your face and neck will be dirty from the dusty trails. It all comes off in the shower!


  • UTV 4WD Tour
    Kualoa Ranch is gorgeous. My husband and I opt to do the 2 hour UTV tour. Our tour guide Isaac was phenomenal. Isaac was friendly, knowledgeable & entertaining throughout the entire tour. What strikes me the most is how well he engaged with everyone on tour. We asked if he had been working there for years and didn’t believe him when he said that he had just started with the company 2 months ago. Isaac made the experience well worth the price. We went into Jurassic valley and the scenery is so beautiful and breathtaking. Lots of movie sites to see and lots of photos to capture. It does get dusty so please get yourself a dusk mask. They do offer complimentary (surgical) dusk mask and hair caps. They have helmets available from small – double XL. My husband has a very big head and was unable to find a helmet that would fit. Isaac came to the rescue and searched for the largest helmet he could find. Try to use the restroom before going on the tour. My husband and I are planning a return trip with the family and Kualoa Ranch is one place we will visit again. Thank you Kualoa for a memorable experience and thank you, Isaac for being the highlight of our trip.


  • Some of the most fun I have ever had on a vacation! We did the 2-hour UTV tour. Tour was amazing, we saw tons of movie filming sites like Jurassic Park, that reminded me of when I was a kid. The UTV was a blast to drive. The trail was not challenging, but just enough off-road to be fun. Anyone who knows how to drive a car should be fine, just follow the safety guide and directions given by the tour guide. Our tour guide had great knowledge of the ranch, he seemed to really enjoy his job. The tour guide definitely made sure we had fun. I would totally visit Kualoa again!!

    Steven A.

  • We were a little scared our tour was going to be cancelled due to all the rain and wind we were getting in Waikiki. So I called and they said the tour was still on, we thought of changing days but then figured whatever we should still have some fun. I am so glad we went when it was raining, it was the best thing ever going through all the big puddles and crossing the river. We even got to see a waterfall coming down the mountain side. Our tour guide was great, she was really good at telling us all about the history of the ranch. She knew we were having fun in all the water and mud so she took us through some of the wetter areas multiple times. I did have a rain poncho they provided but with my husband’s extreme driving I was still completely soaked afterwards which was ok because it wasn’t cold. I think if I ever get the chance to do this again I will only do so on a rainy day.

    Alexys R.

  • Raptor Tour Ride through Jurassic Park country
    I’d give it 6 stars if I could and 7 stars for our guide tour guide Austin. He was knowledgeable, cheerful and couldn’t do enough for us. GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE as he was fantastic! The 2 hour ride in your own vehicle that seats 4 was simply amazing. The most beautiful scenery we have ever seen. Simply breathtaking everywhere. Austin made sure we stopped plenty of times for some great photo opportunities. This place and tour will blow you away. Book in advance to save disappointment. So glad we did. The tour includes a stop at a bunker which is now used in many US hit tv series. Many you will be familiar with as well as some mega movies like Jurassic Park, Kong Island and the second Jumanji movie. If you are visiting Honolulu you HAVE TO DO THIS TOUR. We could have spent all day driving around this uniquely spectacular scenery. So privileged to have ridden around this wondrous place. Like to think we will come back and do it again some time. Very lucky. Don’t miss it and thanks to Austin, our guide once again. What a top guy!.


  • UTV Raptor Tour
    Went on a fun 2 hour UTV Raptor tour with Austyn as our guide. He did a fantastic job at engaging all of the people on the tour. He offered to take pics at the scenic sites and they turned out great! He also provide insightful info the history of the ranch and the movies that have been filmed there. We so enjoyed ourselves that we are taking our sons in a week.


  • Just had the BEST tour of my life! We had Sarah for our UTV Raptor 2 hour Tour and she was AMAZING! Informative, fun, photographer. FANTASTIC! The views of the valleys, movie locations, ocean, mountains-it’s all so ASTONISHING. This tour is one family per vehicle and makes stops at various locations for photos and information. Family member drives. I highly recommend!! Splurge for the 2 hour!! I couldn’t imagine only doing the hour! MUST DO!!

    JT G.

  • 2-hour UTV tour! My family and I booked the 2-hour UTV tour at Kualoa Ranch and it was awesome! Our tour guide was Ethan and he was fantastic, we even took a picture with him! This ranch is a must visit as you get to see the movie backdrops of many movies and shows such as Kong, Jurassic World, Lost, etc. It’s a must visit and great for families with young children. There are other tours they offer as well, so look them up and book now!
    Tip: bring a bandanna to cover your nose and mouth as it can get dusty while you’re out there and you don’t want to breathe that all in.


  • 2 hour Raptor UTV tour….AWESOME!! We almost didn’t opt for this tour during our week long visit to the island thinking it was pretty pricey for a family of 9, but we are SO glad we did! The tour was relaxing, and provided interesting history about the Pearl Harbor attack as well movie trivia. It is perfect for all ages and our tour guide Uncle B was FABULOUS! We have great photos and shared many laughs. One of the highlights of our trip to Oahu!!

    Kris C.

  • We booked the 1 hr Raptor multi-passenger ATV tour. Since it was myself and my 2 sons, we were the only ones in the ATV. The ATV can fit up to 5 people. We actually wanted the single passenger ATV tour, but it turns out that the multi-passenger is just as good, if not better. The reason being, we were able to take pictures while on the tour and 1/2 way through the tour we were able to switch drivers. Plus, the ATV has a roof that kept the hot sun off of us. Unlike the bus tours, we were not able to stop at each of the movie sets we saw, but we were able to go places that were like a horse path. If you enjoy the rough terrain this tour is for you. I would recommend the first or the last tour due to parking. Travis and Tiffany were our guides and were super people. Being a local boy, they both treated me like ohana (family), although they actually were very courteous and answered all kinds of questions for everyone. Travis recommended the 2 hour tour because he said, “We’ll go faster.” I would recommend that you buy a scarf for the face as you will be riding through dusty areas. They recommend long pants and even in the hot weather, it is a good idea due to mosquitoes and the dust. As a local boy, I will go back and it will be the 2 hour tour. I highly recommend that you book the tour at least a month in advance. Although the website doesn’t show Kamaaina (local people) and military discount for the multi-passenger ATV, they do give you the discount ($15 off per person) when you check in.

    Robert M.

  • Great ATV Tour We did the 2 hour ATV tour and loved it. Great views of the mountains and oceans with plenty of time to take pictures at many stops. Our guide Kenai was awesome!

    RZ Sandoval

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